I offer online energy healing sessions via Zoom or distance work (with an email report-back as I work, so you know what I am picking up and doing as I go.)

To help bring yourself into integration with Divine Reality, and therefore into clarity and peace, it is very helpful if you are present for the work. By having a video chat, I can guide you through your own beautiful journey towards wholeness, which is what healing really is.

Hmm, actually, this may be my bias, because although I love face to face sessions the best, I do see real shifts from distance work as I work with clients…

To heal, in many ways, you need to transform.

From painful reaction to loving peace. From fear to confidence, anger to safety, unworthiness to radiance, entanglement to clarity. Delusion to humility and so on and so forth.

As the mind is released, so the body is free to heal too. Bodies are mortal and death is natural. But often when we haven’t integrated our minds, the stress is expressed through physical illness.

I use intuition, Reiki, Life Alignment Technique, and Meridian work.

I am intuitive rather than psychic or a medium. Been doing this work for 30 years of so, following a spiritual awakening. This work is not against any religion nor is it within any religion. It is done for the highest good of all.

To book an online healing session, you first select your treatment and buy a session. then I contact you to arrange a date and time or I go ahead with your distant session depending on your choice.