Long in tune with the realm of spirit, symbol, and mysticism, Heather has applied her deep spirituality to the art of reading tarot. Like the beautiful icons commonly used by Christian Orthodox traditions, each tarot card is a window through which we can see the divine. The Universe wants you to be healthy and whole, living a life of abundance. Let’s explore the tarot together to see how we can bring this about in your life!

I love to read tarot for others. It is a rewarding practice and many find it helpful. I specialize in my Talents & Gifts reading and reports as well as my Depression & Anxiety readings – which are now available by subscription, with extra bonuses and gifts included!

If you enjoy reading tarot or oracle cards yourself, I have lots of printable tarot spreads, most of them under a dollar. You can use them with any deck you like, and most come with a beautiful matching page for you to record the cards you draw and what they mean to you in your journal or grimoire. You can find a series of tarot layouts for the Hellenic deities, pop culture layouts, and seasonal spreads for the Celtic Wheel of the Year and other holidays and occasions.